Eastern Railway GTM GDCE Recruitment 2024: Get updates on vacancies, dates, and criteria.

Eastern Railway GTM GDCE Recruitment 2024: Get updates on vacancies, dates, and criteria.
Eastern Railway GTM GDCE Recruitment 2024: Get updates on vacancies, dates, and criteria.

Online applications are being accepted Eastern Railway GTM GDCE Recruitment 2024 from eligible regular railway employees for the General Departmental Competitive Examination (GDCE) to fill the position of Goods Train Manager in Level 5 of the 7th CPC pay scale. According to Railway Board Establishment Circulars RBE 72/2017 and RBE 112/2018, serving railway employees who are regular and working in the same or lower grade as the notified post can apply, even if they are receiving higher levels or grade pay under the ACP/MACP scheme, provided they meet the eligibility criteria outlined in the notification.

Employees of Metro Railway and Chittaranjan Locomotive Works (CLW) are also eligible to apply for the GDCE of Eastern Railway, as per Railway Board Establishment Circular No. RBE 3/2020. However, the posting of selected candidates will be within the jurisdiction of Eastern Railway as per administrative requirements.

The notified post is categorized as Safety Category, as per Railway Board Establishment Circular No. RBE 45/2021. Therefore, only candidates meeting the specified medical standards are eligible for the post.

Important Dates Eastern Railway GTM GDCE Recruitment 2024

Application form Publication of Notification on website06/05/2024
Application form Opening date27/05/2024
Application form Closing date25/06/2024
Deadline for submitting filled application form to Controlling Officer.05/08/2024
Deadline for submitting filled application, forwarded by Controlling Officer, to Personnel Branch.16/08/2024
Deadline for Personnel Branch to forward eligible applicants list to RRC office with data sheet.06/09/2024
Eastern Railway GTM GDCE Recruitment 2024
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Breakdown of vacancies by community, medical qualifications, and exam stage as shown in the table below.

Eastern Railway GTM GDCE Recruitment 2024: Get updates on vacancies, dates, and criteria.

Educational qualification for Eastern Railway GTM GDCE Recruitment 2024

  1. Applicants must have the required educational qualifications by the application deadline, and this should be reflected in their Service Sheet.
  2. Those awaiting final exam results should not apply.
  3. During online application, applicants must upload scanned, self-attested copies of their educational certificates and present the originals during document verification.
  4. Candidates with higher qualifications can apply, but they won’t receive any special advantage.
  5. Eligibility is based on the information provided in the online application. If any information is found to be false or if eligibility criteria aren’t met, the application will be rejected.
  6. RRC may reject applications if candidates don’t meet the necessary criteria at any stage of the examination process.
Eastern Railway GTM GDCE Recruitment 2024: Get updates on vacancies, dates, and criteria.

Age limit for Eastern Railway GTM GDCE Recruitment 2024

The maximum age limit is 42 years for General candidates, 47 years for SC/ST candidates, and 45 years for OBC candidates. Age limits will be calculated as of the closing date of the application.

Proof of age for Eastern Railway GTM GDCE Recruitment 2024

10th class certificate indicating Date of Birth

Non-eligibility criteria for Eastern Railway GTM GDCE Recruitment 2024

  1. People with disabilities are not eligible due to safety concerns.
  2. Those in higher positions than the one advertised cannot apply.
  3. Employees in the same or lower positions who lack the required qualifications or age are not eligible.
  4. Candidates awaiting exam results aren’t eligible.
  5. Trainee/Substitute employees who haven’t been made permanent are ineligible.
  6. Railway Protection Force (RPF)/Railway Protection Special Force (RPSF) personnel cannot apply.
  7. Law Assistant, Catering Inspector, and Accounts Cadre employees are also ineligible.

How to apply for Eastern Railway GTM GDCE Recruitment 2024

  1. Visit the official website of RRC ER, www.rrcer.org, and navigate to the “Notice Board” section.
  2. Click on the link provided for the online application form.
  3. Ensure that your personal details such as name, father’s name, community, educational qualifications, and date of birth match the records in your service record and matriculation certificate.
  4. Provide your personal mobile number and valid email address in the online application and keep them active throughout the selection process.
  5. Communication with candidates will be conducted through the RRC-ER website, SMS, and email. Make sure to provide your own contact details to receive such communications.
  6. Regularly check the Eastern Railway and RRC/ER websites for any updates or changes regarding the recruitment notification.

Document Upload Guidelines for Eastern Railway GTM GDCE Recruitment 2024

i) The photograph should be a colored passport size with a white or light-colored background. It should measure 35mm x 45mm or 320 x 240 pixels and be in JPG/JPEG format, scanned with a resolution of 100 DPI. The size of the photograph should be between 20-50KB.

ii) The color photograph must have been taken within the last three months at a professional studio. Photographs taken with a mobile phone or self-composed portraits may lead to rejection of the application.

iii) The photo should display a clear front view of the candidate without wearing a cap or sunglasses. The face should occupy at least 50% of the area of the photograph, with a full face view looking directly at the camera. The forehead, eyes, nose, and chin should be clearly visible, without being covered by hair, cloth, or shadow.

iv) If the candidate wears glasses, the photograph should not have any glare or reflections on the glasses, and the eyes should be clearly visible.

Signature Upload Instructions for Eastern Railway GTM GDCE Recruitment 2024

  1. The applicant needs to sign their name in black ink on a white piece of paper inside a box that measures 50mm by 20mm.
  2. The signature should be scanned and saved as a JPG/JPEG file at a resolution of 100 dpi.
  3. The file size should be between 20-50KB.
  4. The signature must be the applicant’s own, not someone else’s, to prevent impersonation or fraud. It should match the signature on their official documents.
  5. The signature should remain consistent throughout the selection process. Using different styles of signatures at different stages (like during computer-based tests, document verification, or medical examinations) could lead to disqualification.

Sure, how about this title:

Required Documents for Upload: PDF Format Only

  1. A copy of your Railway identity card, self-attested by you.
  2. A copy of a document showing your date of birth, also self-attested.
  3. Copies of your educational qualification certificates relevant to the eligibility criteria for this General Departmental Competitive Examination (GDCE), again self-attested.
  4. For SC/ST and OBC candidates:
  • SC/ST Candidates: Submit a Community Certificate issued by the Competent Authority in the required format (Annexure – I of this Notification).
  • OBC Candidates: Provide a self-attested copy of the latest OBC Caste Certificate, following the format in Annexure-II. This certificate should not be older than one year when filling out the Application Form.
  • OBC candidates also need to submit a self-declaration in the format provided in Annexure – IIA. If the certificates are in languages other than English or Hindi, include an attested translation in English/Hindi.
Apply Online27/05/2024
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